Deanna Saldana Paints the World

Deanna’s Artwork reflects our need to get closer to our world.
Deanna’s artwork is on display at Michael’s Custom Jewelry, Suncrest Bank, Devon Mathis Office, Bridge Street Tax Service and Fresno Pacific University.

The theme for the paintings revolves around creation and our planet. We are the guardians of this world and everything we do, or don’t do, affects the world around us. We need to nurture, create and celebrate the planet and the amazing beauty in life that is all around us. We are leaving our legacy for the generations that will be coming after us. We should celebrate our role as caretakers.” …Deanna Saldana

© Deanna Saldana“In their Hands”
pencil and watercolor, 16 x 20 inches, $400
© Deanna Saldana

© Deanna Saldana“Creation”
pencil and acrylic, 20 x 15 inches, $400
© Deanna Saldana

© Deanna Saldana“Nurture” © Deanna Saldana
pencil and oil pastel, 20 x 16 inches, $300

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