The following artists are participants in Main Gallery.

Joanie Constable

Medium: Mixed media
Visalia, CA 

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Betsy Gaudette-Cross

Medium: Photography
Visalia, CA


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Laurie Gorman

Medium: Watercolor
Visalia CA

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Nancy Quinn

Medium: Pastels
Tulare, CA

Magical Sunset pastel

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Linda Hengst

Medium: oil, watercolor
Elderwood, CA
Linda Hengst

painting © Lindal Hengst
painting © Linda Hengst
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Cindy Lynch

Medium: oils and acrylics
Visalia, CA

© Cyndy Lynch

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Tami Mason

Medium: photography
Visalia, CA

© Tami Mason

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Beckie Nava

Medium: photography
Visalia, CA

photograph © Beckie Nava
photograph © Beckie Nava

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Lynn Ramires

Medium: watercolor
Tulare, CA

© Lynn Ramires

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Deanna Saldana

Medium: pencil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, mixed media
Visalia, CA

Cross of fire

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Robert Sutton

Medium: oils
Tulare, CA

painting © Robert Sutton
© Robert Sutton

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P. Kay Woods 

Medium: photography
Three Rivers, CA

red and green canna lily leaves close up
photograph © P. Kay Woods

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If you are an artist, interested in joining the group,
email Betsy Gaudette-Cross  HERE.