Deanna Saldana

| pencil, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, mixed media


Deanna has been involved with art of one form or another, all her life. She is self-taught and has always enjoyed the precision of pencil drawing.  Much of her earlier subject matter revolved around the pageantry and culture of Native American and First Nation’s people after spending time in the Pow Wow arena with her children who are part Native American.

Even though her love for drawing the human face has not changed, recently Deanna has also drawn pictures of animals and birds; experimenting with water color, pastel, acrylics and other mediums. The scale of her art has expanded as well as she has worked with a couple of clients to do custom murals in their homes.

Her volunteer work with The Boys and Girls Clubs of Exeter and Visalia, Habitat for Humanity and the Creative Center, has given her a chance to expand into large scale set creations for major events like Mardi Gras, and the Birdhouse Auction. Probably the most challenging project to date was a 12 foot, 250 pound, gold-leaf painting of the famous King Tut mask for the Egyptian Mardi Gras. She worked on ¾ in plywood for the project, incorporating a technique called Trompe L’oeil to create a 3D appearance to the finished product.

She started singing professionally at 16 and worked throughout western Canada and into the USA, singing with various groups in various genres. Deanna is with the Rock Christian Family Church and is on staff as the praise leader. She moved to Tulare County in 2000 and is now a single mother living in Visalia with her two boys, Sage and Lauren.

Through a painting we can see the whole world.”
 Hans Hofmann

Table for Two

Cross of fireCross of Fire

In Their Hands

Unfolding As It Should

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