Linda Hengst

| oil, watercolor


As long as she can remember, Linda says,  “I have marveled at God’s creation and analyzed how I could duplicate it in a way that would recreate the moment.   Light and shadows and their affects on objects have fascinated me as well.  I enjoy being a farmer’s wife and often paint the things we grow on the farm or in my garden.”

She loves the mountains and spends a lot of time there.  Her hiking has taken her to very high country which she loves to photograph.  Using  photographs for reference, the palette knife is her favorite way to reproduce what she has seen. Oil is her favorite medium.

She adds, “My travels have also given me inspiration.  Watercolor is the easiest medium for me to transport.  It dries quickly and can be fun though challenging to work with.  I am constantly trying new methods and mediums for creating my art.  I have even tried collage, abstract, and textiles.   I feel I will always be learning, exploring and growing as an artist. There is enough ugliness in the world.  Therefore, I enjoy producing works that bring pleasure to the viewer.  My family and friends are a great source of encouragement to me.”



All images © Linda Hengst